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Why Have A Funeral?

The importance of rites of passage…..

At first you may wonder how you will cope with issues such as the final ‘goodbyes’.  Funeral ceremonies are not just traditional rituals dating from time immemorial, but do serve a specific purpose that has your welfare in mind.

The human psyche needs to define the ‘before’ and ‘after’ so it can accept the finality of the issue. This is what a ‘rite of passage’ or funeral is designed to achieve. A carefully organised funeral gives strength and comfort, as well as closure.

Depending on the circumstances of the loss, the ceremony may take various forms, hence no two services are alike. They are as individual as the person we commemorate.

Many find facing issues of mortality, loving and losing and the hereafter, raises questions that have previously not been considered pertinent. This is a normal, necessary but still uncomfortable process. Facing it with honesty, however, can bring a new dimension of maturity into your life as you take those tentative steps along a new path.

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